Why should you choose a unit of office renovation in Vietnam?

For an enterprise, the office is considered as a mascot representing the meaning and values of that organization. From interior decoration, or choosing paint colors, office architecture shows the style, personality or in other words the culture of the entire business. Not only that, the office also has an important influence on human behavior, on how to communicate, react and perform work. Understanding that urgent need, the following article will bring you a unit of office renovation in Vietnam to help create the best working environment for our staff at a very reasonable price. 

What is office renovation?

Office renovation, also known as office interior improvement, involves tasks such as upgrading, repairing, re-designing office furniture and renewing the space of the office based on the background of the old room. The purpose of the work is to create a new office that achieves harmony in color, architecture, light as well as aesthetics. Besides, this is the right solution to optimize the cost of building a new look and enhancing the image of the business.

Benefits of office renovation

Based on the existing premises, there is no need to change much or build a new one, so the construction and repair of the office do not take much time. This also helps to keep activities at the office uninterrupted as well as ensure the working progress of the business. At the same time, it is possible to take advantage of the current office furniture and equipment. The amount of money the business spends is smaller than that of building a new office, but still ensures to create the best working environment.

Therefore, instead of paying a large amount of money or saving time, businesses can consider choosing the method of renovating the old office. After the renovation, the office will be almost completely new, bringing a new, modern and dynamic space to create new energy and higher efficiency for the development of companies.

Office renovation help to save time and cost

When do businesses need to renovate their offices?

Depending on the current condition of the new or old office, more or less degraded, businesses can choose the most suitable form of renovation or new construction. However, if you are experiencing the following problems, you should find an office renovation solution:

  • The function of the old office is no longer suitable for the needs of the company. For example, the narrow space is not enough seats for new employees, the department is overloaded, the space is too large or secret, there is a lack of linkage between departments, etc.
  • Degraded office furniture needs to be replaced to optimize the space of the office.
  • Want to change the space for the office after a long time of operation. Because the current office style is becoming outdated and outdated. The renovation will bring a modern, attractive, new space that inspires employees to work more productively and efficiently every day.
  • Office space lacks light, stuffy, moldy, serious lack of air. This is necessary to rearrange the light system as well as improve the open surface of the office such as windows, curtains, air conditioners or ventilation fans to catch the sun and wind from nature.
  • The building is degraded by a number of signs such as: cracked floors, peeling bricks, moldy walls, damaged furniture,… Besides, internal components such as the water system, electricity grid or wifi. instability hinders the work of employees.
  • The design of the old office is no longer suitable for the development direction of the business. For example, when the business is working in the field of education but wants to move to the business field. At this time, businesses should renovate the space to match the field of operation of the business.

 Open style is a trend in office renovation in Vietnam

Open style is a trend in office renovation in Vietnam

Renting a new office or building a new one can cause businesses to face many financial difficulties, so office renovation will be a reasonable choice to have a new space without spending too much money.

A unit of office renovation in Vietnam – ADP-architects

ADP-architects was established in 2006 which is a leading corporation in Vietnam in the field of interior design and construction. During the past 14 years, ADP has implemented over 700 inspiring workspaces design projects for all the top international corporations in Vietnam & more than 90% of our clients are multinational companies who are looking for professional service and brilliant ideas.

ADP-architects provide a total solution for customers to experience a perfect package service from conceptualizing the design, interior design, to interior construction and office renovation. Architect team will offer a plan for every space and area, ensuring aesthetics and fit to every detail that fits customers needs and their budget.

ADP-architects is a reputable and professional unit in Vietnam

ADP-architects is a reputable and professional unit in Vietnam


Above is information about office renovation. Hope you can find the right style and unit for your office space renovation. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact ADP-architects for quick advice and support.