The Benefits of Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park

Office space is one of the most important factors that affect the performance and growth of a business. It not only provides a physical place for work, but also reflects the image and culture of the organization. Therefore, finding a suitable office for lease is a crucial decision for any business owner or manager. In this essay, I will introduce an office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park. I will explain what SHTP is, what advantages it offers, and what office buildings are available in it.

About office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park

Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park in Thu Duc City

Saigon Hi Tech Park is a high-tech industrial park located in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With a convenient location, It is only about 15 km away from the city center and about 20 minutes by car from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. This high-tech park is located in a developed infrastructure area and is considered one of the leading technology centers and key economic drivers of the city.

Advantages of renting an office in Saigon Hi Tech Park

Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park has many outstanding advantages

Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park has many outstanding advantages

Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park has many outstanding advantages compared to other areas. Here are some of the main benefits of renting an office in SHTP:

Convenient location and transportation facilities

Saigon Hi Tech Park has a prime location and convenient transportation. With the presence of many major roads such as Ha Noi Highway, moving to Saigon Hi Tech Park becomes very convenient for both employees and customers.

Complete infrastructure and services

Saigon Hi Tech Park is built with complete infrastructure and services to meet the needs of businesses and offices. The office buildings in SHTP are designed in a modern and international standard, with spacious and comfortable working space that meets all needs of technology, Internet and security.

Business and development environment

Saigon Hi Tech Park is an ideal business and development environment for technology companies. This area concentrates many leading technology enterprises and individuals with high professional knowledge. SHTP also organizes events and programs to support startups, creating favorable conditions for finding partners and expanding business relationships.

Tax advantages and support policies

High-tech investors are given preferential treatments here with land leases and taxation, as well as support for customs services1. SHTP has received exceptional support from both the central and local governments, as well as from other relevant state agencies. As a result, the park has been authorized to offer the highest tax incentives and one-stop investment application service to investors.

Development potential in finance and human resources

Saigon Hi Tech Park is not only seen as a leading technology center, but also a place with great potential for financial and human resource development. With the development of technology enterprises and attracting foreign investment, SHTP creates many job opportunities and high income for local residents. This also contributes positively to the economic development of the city and the country.

The high-quality human resources at the high-tech park are always young and abundant, thanks to the good remuneration policy and the geographical location near the National University Village of Ho Chi Minh City – the leading high-quality talent incubator in the country. Moreover, it also attracts human resources from more than 55 universities, colleges, and large and small vocational training centers throughout Ho Chi Minh City.

Enhance the brand reputation of the business

The investment and professionalism at Saigon Hi-Tech Park are not only shown in the luxurious beauty of the office, but also stem from the strong commitment of the business to the high-tech field. This is not only a place to work, but also a symbol of creativity and innovation in this field. Saigon Hi-Tech Park not only attracts top talents and pioneering enterprises in the high-tech field, but also contributes to creating the peak and spirit of solidarity in the engineering community here. With this attention and investment, the business not only creates an impression in the hearts of customers and partners, but also contributes positively to enhancing their reputation and brand on the global market. This is not only a business effort, but also a solid commitment to the mission of developing high technology and promoting the progress of society and economy.

Onehub saigon – office for rent grade A

OneHub Saigon view from above

OneHub Saigon view from above

OneHub Saigon is a commercial office complex located in the eastern part of Ho Chi Minh City. It is built in a “campus” style with a spacious green area and fully integrated facilities for studying, entertainment, shopping, and serving the business community. OneHub Saigon Tower, which has an area of nearly 10,199 m2 for rent, is classified as a Grade A office that meets international standards. The rent at OneHub Saigon is reasonable and competitive while maintaining high-quality standards. This helps businesses reduce costs and improve competitiveness.


In summary, Office for lease in Saigon Hi Tech Park brings many benefits for technology businesses. With a convenient location, complete infrastructure and services, business and development environment, tax advantages and support policies, along with development potential in finance and human resources, SHTP is a top choice for renting an office in Ho Chi Minh City.